A watchful eye on the environmental issues, regarding all of our actions and processes.

A proper outlook on the humanitarian  issues, fulfilling the social role of a Company.

Innova invests in improvements aiming sustainability, takes care of internal awareness and maintain partnerships with notorious entities engaged in Social Action.

Playing our role in those spheres means to us as much as achieving the best results in our products.


Integrated Policy, Quality, Safety, Health and Environment:


Innova states commitment to:

Improve processes and products in order to fulfil and overcome demands presented by clients, colaborators e shareholders.


Comply with laws and all other requirements appliable to the Company´s  Integrated Management System, granting:

On-time delivery;

Highest quality, minimum waste;

Optimization of natural resources;

Waste reduction and best final destination;


Prevention of environmental polution, work incidents and accidents, as well as occupational diseases, targeting “zero-accident” and taking care of colaborators and society.

Release 0: January 20  2016.


Treatment of liquid effluents

Learn more about this important environmental program developed by the member companies of COFIP (Comitee for Industrial Fostering of Triunfo Petrochemical Pole, at Rio Grande do Sul):




Innova and its Integrated Management System work fully engaged in improving continuously the company’s processes.

Final products in state-of-the-art quality mean to us the same as satisfied customers, employees, shareholders as well as the community to which we belong.

Social Responsibility

Innova, as a member of the LIDE Education group, embraces the effort of changing the Brazilian reality and IDH (Index of Human Development) and supports Ayrton Senna Institute, covering all national territory and making available educational management services addressed to public administrations: diagnostic and planning, formation of managers and educators, development of pedagogic solutions and innovating technics. All articulated in order to promote integral education for children and youngsters.


Innova also cooperates with Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (Sustainable Amazonas Foundation) in the project called Children and Youngsters from the Forest: Our Common Future, covering various cities in the Amazonas state, dedicated to training teachers, supporting early childhood, giving computing courses, promoting sports, as well as music and arts workshops. 


Innova maintains one of the Prato Cidadão popular restaurants, in Manaus (Amazonas), in partnership with the Amazonas State Government and the company Sodexo. Low-income persons have access to balanced meals for R$ 1,00 at lunch, from Monday to Friday.


The company Sodexo prepares the food.


Innova administrates the program, audits its efficacy and is responsible for 67% of the meal cost, as well as for the investments in transportation and electricity.


Learn more, bellow, about Videolar-Innova's presence in social projects.