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Full transparency and close relationships with customers, collaborators, society: aim and mission of  Innova´s Ombudsman Office.

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Innova has full conviction that its final products carry the Employees satisfaction. The Company invests intensively in qualification, as well as in generating  always improved working conditions: this creative atmosphere brings the best performance.

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Supplier's Channel

The supplier willing to integrate integrate our selection must fill in the bellow form. The information presented will be studied and Innova will get in touch for any eventual necessity.


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Basic data

Supplier Profile

Travel services , lodging, travel agencies

Legal licenses 

Infrastructural, Information Technology Services

Incineration and Destruction Services

Staple Basket for Employees

Laboratory Examination (Hiring and Dismissal)

Cooking gas, Fréon gas, industrial gases and others 

Valves, connections, conexões, rings, retainers, gaskets, graphite paper

Bearings, belts, chains, industrial splicing

Cylinders, dampers and others


Restaurants (employee's meals)

Employee's transportation

Life insurance, medical assistance and others

Maintenance, cleaning and security services

Water physico-chemical analysis and treatment


Circuit breakers, relays, cables, lamps and others 

Electrical and industrial sensors

Pliers, screwdrivers, keys and others 

Spare parts and imported MRO

Cabinets, chairs, desks and others

Printing services

Scaffolds , cyinders and others



Stationary, pen, rubbers, forders, cartridges, tonner and others




Vehicles and equipment maintenance


Motors, industrial pumps


Printing services

Calibration services

Measurement services

Vehicles maintenance

General equipment maintenance

Building maintenance

Hydraulic maintenance

Mechanical installation

Electrical installation



Oils, grease and lubricants


Ambulatory equipment

Paints and industrial solvents

Acid, caustic soda, alcohol and others

Uniforms, boots, safety equipment and others

Cardboard boxes, ribbons, stretch films, pallets and others

Filters, filter cartridges and filter elements

Scrap: plastic, cardboard and others

Motors, pumps and other parts and pieces

Bricks, cement, paints, tiles, elbows and others

Brooms, soap, floor cloth, wax, detergents and others

Company Presentation (extension *.pdf, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.jpeg, *.png e *gif´- até 7Mb).