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Organizational Structure

Innova’s renown and consistency are the result of a legacy of successive reinventions and trust, developed together with the market and the community. Our principles of Corporate Governance are the basis for all our initiatives: Transparency, Fairness, Accountability and Corporate Responsibility.

Even though it is a private company, since 2005 Innova’s results have been analyzed by external auditors, all of which have always been members of the group known as the ‘Big Four’.

The Board of Directors, the Company’s highest governing body, is permanently present in Innova’s Corporate Governance structure, with support being provided by its statutory Advisory Committees: Audit, Compliance and Sustainability.

Innova’s organizational structure also includes an Internal Audit department, charged with monitoring practices and processes, and evaluating internal control systems, all in accordance with the established policies.

Our Corporate Governance is organized as follows:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the company’s highest guidance body, providing a link between the shareholders and the management, with responsibility for defining the main guidelines for conducting Innova’s business and for defining and reviewing the Company’s Mission, Vision and Values, as well as the strategies, policies and goals related to economic, environmental and social aspects.

As set forth in our Bylaws, the Board of Directors is composed of a minimum of four and a maximum of six members, elected by the general assembly for three-year terms.


Lirio Albino Parisotto
Liz Vanin Parisotto
Elie Linetzky Waitzberg
Raphael David Wojdyslawski

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees: the objective of these bodies is to support the Board of Directors with the intention of conferring greater efficiency and quality on the decisions of this collegiate body, and developing more in-depth discussions on the themes for which they were created.

There are three committees provided for in the Bylaws: Audit, Compliance and Sustainability.

Audit Committee
Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists in activities that involve the reliability of information, ensuring the quality of the accounting practices adopted in the preparation of financial statements, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the adjustment of internal processes and controls related to risk management.

Compliance Committee
Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee fosters a culture of integrity and the Company's commitment to act in an ethical and transparent manner. It seeks to detect, prevent and minimize risks, as well as ensure compliance with the regulations applicable to the business.

Sustainability Committee
Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee creates strategies and mechanisms to integrate sustainability into the company's management process, consolidating economic development and socio-environmental responsibility under a single business philosophy.

Executive Directors

Our Executive Board is responsible for executing the business strategies and directives defined by the Board of Directors, delegating to each of the executives attributes and powers over economic, environmental and social topics.

Executive level positions and functions are decided upon at meetings of the Board of Directors, with the members being appointed by the President.

The Executive Board holds a three year mandate, being composed of at least three and at most six members, elected by the Board of Directors or the General Assembly, one of whom must be designated as Chairperson.

Lirio Albino Parisotto

Lirio Albino Parisotto is the founder of Videolar-Innova S/A. He was born on 12-Dec-1953 in the rural area of Nova Bassano, State of Rio Grande do Sul. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Caxias do Sul (RS), but has pursued his career in all areas of the business world. Parisotto is known for one unique trait: he combines and consolidates his equally strong abilities of entrepreneur and investor with his widely-respected experience in commerce, industry, services and the capital markets.

His vocation for business was awakened and started taking shape with a small store for installing sound equipment in automobiles, from which Lirio Parisotto moved into the segment of household appliances and electronics retail, working to ensure that, over the course of a decade, his Audiolar store established itself as the regional leader.

In 1988, at the peak of his commercial activity, he left retail and entered the industrial sector with the foundation of Videolar, a manufacturer of both virgin and pre-recorded physical media carriers: initially VHS video tapes, audio cassettes, and floppy disks, and later CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

Over the course of this trajectory, Videolar also became the largest national consumer of polystyrene resin for its media cases and VHS tapes. Due to this demand, Parisotto decided to build the first petrochemical plant in the Northern Region and, through successive reinventions, led his company to what is today Innova, a manufacturer of products that are central to the economy, such as styrene monomer (SM), polystyrene (PS) and plastic processed products, such as bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) films,  polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PP) reels, as well as plastic caps for mineral water, juice and soft drinks bottles.

Innova is recognized as one of the largest companies in Brazil.

Reinaldo José Kröger Diretor
Director Vice-President

Reinaldo José Kröger was born in Santa Fé, Paraná, and graduated in Accounting and Business Administration from Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas e Administrativas de Osasco (São Paulo), with complementary training from the Institut Européen D’Administration Des Affaires (INSEAD), in Fontainebleau, France. Since May 2019 he has been Vice-President of Innova.

For over three decades, Kröger has been a C-Level leader in large national and multinational companies, notably in the petrochemicals area. This experience includes business restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, with the consolidation of different corporate cultures, cost reduction projects, optimization of resources, sales leverage, and improvement of results, as well as IPOs.

Kröger began his career in the financial area with the North American chemicals company Rohm and Hass, followed by Swiss company Asea Brown Boveri and then Coopers & Lybrand Auditors, as Senior Auditor.

He worked for the French multinational Rhodia for 23 years, operating as CFO and Market Relations Director, Sales Director and Operations Director, whilst also participating in the company’s IPO in Brazil. At the Italian group Mossi & Ghisolfi he was Sales & Marketing Director for South America, leading the business involving PET resin and its insertion in the circular economy. He was Superintendent Director at the Brazilian multinational Vicunha Têxtil, overseeing the operations of seven manufacturing plants. He was CEO and President with the Brazilian Unigel Group.

Reinaldo José Kröger is a Board Member of the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (ABIQUIM)

Claudio da Rocha Filho
Chief Sales and Operations Officer

Claudio da Rocha Filho was born in São Paulo, graduated in Business Administration, and holds an MBA in Business Management from Fundação Instituto de Administração of University of São Paulo (FIA-USP).

He joined the Company in 1998, having performed leadership roles in all key areas: Sales, Marketing, Planning, Procurement, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Finance and Controlling. Rocha was elected a member of Innova’s Board of Directors in 2012 and is currently Chief Operations Officer for all Innova’s businesses. He worked at BASF for 8 years, mainly in the paints and coatings area.

José Lemos de Carvalho Junior
Chief Financial Officer

José Lemos de Carvalho Junior was born in São Paulo,  graduated in Economics from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), has a Degree in Banking Management from the University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNISUL) and an MBA in Capital Markets, Investments and Financial Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

He began his career at Innova as Financial Manager in October 2015, before also assuming the role of Controller., Lemos has been a member of the Board of Directors since November 2021, with responsibility for the areas of Finance, IT, Corporate Energy Management and Communications. He worked on the Fixed Income and Banking Treasury Desk of Banco do Estado de Santa Catarina S.A., and later as an Analyst and Investor Relationship Manager at Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina S.A. (CELESC).

Christian Barg
Industrial Director

Christian Barg was born in Lages, Santa Catarina, graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), has a Degree in Petrochemical Processes from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), a Master’s Degree in Simulation and Optimization of Industrial Pressure Swing Adsorption Units for Hydrogen Purification also from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), and an MBA in Corporate Finance, M&A and Equity from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RS).

Barg has been Innova´s Manufacturing Director since March 2020. He has been a professor on the Chemical Engineering Course at the Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA), a Process Engineer at Ultrafertil S/A, a Production Manager at Videolar S/A, Manufacturing Executive Manager at Vale Fertilizantes S/A, and General Production Manager at Yara Brasil.

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Innova understands the vital importance of working with ethics and in strict compliance with the laws applicable to our operations.

We encourage this culture among our employees, in their day-to-day activities.

We put this world vision into practice in our relationships with partners, suppliers and the society in which we are active.

We are successful when we create in our employees the awareness that ethical behavior also plays a crucial role in business continuity. In other words: besides being obligatory, it is also strategic.

Our employees look to the Code of Conduct for broad-reaching guidance on how to conduct their relations. Innova not only presents the Code of Conduct to its employees, but also provides ongoing explanations, comparing the text with practical examples of relations with clients, suppliers, governmental agencies, authorities and the community in general.

Our goal is that they are recognized as ethical and responsible people, fulfilling their duties to society.

This is also why we seek to work with suppliers and customers who act in accordance with our core principles and values.

We believe that, in synergy, we can practice and propagate values such as:

The support and protection of Human Rights
The security of not being involved in any kind of violation
The elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor
The abolition of child labor
The elimination of discrimination of any kind within or outside the workplace
The development of initiatives taking preventive approaches to the environment
The development of environmentally-friendly technologies and products
The relentless combating of corruption, including any attempts at extortion or bribery
The training of our employees in compliance and ethical principles
The dissemination of anti-corruption legislation, to expand knowledge and learning

Innova believes that this is the sustainable way of doing business, taking examples of citizenship, and respect for the environment and the laws of our Country into the community where it operates.

This should be as important as the a technology we use and the products we deliver. It should also be at the root of our leadership.

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